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Debut EP coming soon

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Friday the 25th of October

Here I am, back from a little summer break. I hope you all had the chance to relax and catch a lot of sunshine over the last weeks.

Over the summer I have been finishing off the work on my upcoming debut EP, called Jana's Earth, which I'm sooooo excited about to release on the 25th of October, so not long to go!
The night before will be a great, fairy like EP launch party at the Finsbury, North London. It's an acoustic special with great support acts and you are all very welcome to join in, more information here
Don't worry if you can't make it, a friend of mine will be creating a little video with the highlights of the night.

The other thing that has been going on over the summer, was my work with the Sea Shepherds UK. I have organised a fundraising event for their campaign against the Dolphin Slaughters in Tajiin, you can follow their campaign and news here.
We had a great event and I am looking forward to some future projects with the Sea Shepherds, so stay posted ;)

Here are the pictures from the night

I wish you all a great week!
Luise from Broken Forest

The Next round

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The Fight against the Badger cull goes in the next round!

Because despite massive scientific, political and popular opposition, the UK Government's controversial pilot badger cull is set to begin on the 1st of June this year.

So London will march against this on Saturday the 1st June! Come join and show your support in black and white, as well as a badger mask, which you can download on this page.

Millbank ( near Tate Britain), SW1P 4RG, 12pm

If you want to get involved further you can also download flyers and information sheets on this website to spread the message and sign the e-petition if you haven't  already done so.

Professor John Bourne, Chair of the Independent Scientific Group:

" I think the most interesting observation was made to me by a senior politician who said 'fine John we accept your science, but we have to offer the farmers a carrot.And the only carrot we can possibly give them is culling badgers'."


Luise, Broken Forest

Forest Blog: little Summary

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Today I thought I give a little overview about all the cool things that have been happening this week and things which are coming up soon.

First of all Lush South-Molton Street is holding an event with the Beagle Welfare supporting the Run Free Campaign, to stop Beagles being used for animal experiments! So come down to the shop to grab some vegan treats and limited edition soap. If you are not around London today then please take a minute and sign the online petition here. In the picture you see Wellie, who visited the shop yesterday.

Next thing - have a read of this article here from the Independent! Victory for Bees in Europe! The EU voted for a ban on the nerve-agent pesticides blamed for the dramatic decline of global bee populations.

Also keep the 18th of May free in your diary. There will be a worldwide march against the illegal trading of dog and cat meat in South Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.             You can find your city here.

And the last thing, don't forget in some countries its Mother's day today! I will call my Mam now.

I wish you all a great Sunday.

xxx Luise from Broken Forest

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